zaterdag 23 juni 2012

Charm of poetry

Do you yearn to be a poet?
So do I, come with me;
We may soar among the masters
On the wings of imagery,
If we weave our mother language
Into strands of poetry.

We may hear Walt Whitman singing,
By'the road less travelled on',
We may hear the verses ringing
By immortals, who are gone;
We may weave a line eternal.
Oh! I hear the sirens song.

If we seek this road to travel,
We may need a little shove
And some further inspiration
From the powers up above;
As we labour with our passion,
In the sunlight of our love.

I know it won't be easy,
Though the metaphors are free.
Can you hear your muse now calling?
Grab your pen and follow me;
'Let us then be up and doing'.
Ah! Sweet realm of poetry.

Joseph Anderson