zondag 24 juni 2012

Dream a dream

Sometimes I feel as if my only way out,
My only chance of escape from this world of doubt
Is to simply slip away and dream a dream,
A dream of lofty towers
And of fields of delicate flowers.
Dreaming is easy, so easy it would seem
It seems all too real and all too comforting.

Sometimes, it is better than being awake
For I cannot be hurt by those who are fake,
In my own subconscious dreams
There are none to hate and none to love
And no wars to choose to take part of.
It's simply better here, in my world of dreams
Of blissful delight, and joyous reveries.

But soon I'll wake up, and it's not the same
Hatred and pain, for this goes the blame.
You see, how can I believe
That people like you and me,
Could let this world turn out the way it turned out to be?
If this world was real, all that's left would be to leave
But I am no fool, nor am I naive!

No, this world can't be real, simply my imagination
A crazy hallucination, an insane visualization
For I know the truth, undoubtedly
So I will fall sleep and return to my home.
Where I can get away and freely roam
Where I can escape to the dreams of actuality
For my dreams have become my reality.