zondag 17 juni 2012

To my daughter

I know the time will come
When you'll be taken from me
I've watched you growing up
With every passing day.

I know the time will come
For life will soon demand it
When you will find someone
Who'll take you far away.

And you will never see
The sadness in my smile
Your eyes will overflow
With happiness and tears

No you will never see
The shadow in my heart
As I watch fall to earth
The spring of all my years.

And I'll conceal the pain
Beneath a father's pride
While in the silent church
Together side by side.

Each measured step would bring me
Closer to the time
You'll say the simple words
And I'll be left in sorrow.

For what is mine today
Will never see tomorrow
I'll have to step aside
For someone I don't know.

When all is said and done
He'll lead and you will follow
While through the stained glass window
I'll watch my daughter go.

I know the time will come
You'll blossom ever gently
One day from innocence
To woman worldly wise.

I know the time will come
One unexpected moment
The dawn of life anew
Will awaken in your eyes.

For he will come along
With all his boyish charms
He'll take your heart away
And leave me empty arms.

And I will rue this day
This day he comes to you
With promises of love
To make your dreams come true.

And though he takes our name
And gives you his instead
He'll never know the times
I stood beside your bed.

Already I despise this stranger
With no face
But if he'll bring you joy
My heart to him I'll render.

I'll give to him your hand
Our name I will surrender
Yes, I will do all this
Because I love you so.

And as I see you now
Sweet child so softly sleeping
Your youth a moment's keeping
The time has come I know.