zaterdag 21 juli 2012

Hold my hand

I remember vividly,
holding your hand years back,
You used to show me the way,
when it was cloudy and dark!

I don’t know when and how my hand
slipped away from yours;
I lost the touch and contact with you,
I had forgotten you, but you always guarded me,
You always loved me and cared for me,
Although when I didn’t care for you.

Today when I feel myself lost
in this meaningless crowd,
Lost in the color, light, music, pomp
and show of this world!
My vision is clouded and I can’t see,
I fall quite often,
Please hold my hand,
I am tired, bewildered and lost!

Show me the way;
my path is all rough and steep,
Please hold my hand
for I am hurt and in pain!!
Shower your love and care;
please hold my hand once again.