zaterdag 21 juli 2012

Everything is given to us when we're younger
we have it all.
Yet as humans we become accustom to routine, school,
other people's thoughts/influences.
We close doors inside,
storing thoughts away like stowing memories in a shoebox,
thinking, 'thats the answer ... I need no more'.
Close the lid as you close the doors
inside yourself.

When we're born all the doors are open
the possibilities are endless.
Why do you think little children
are always asking question upon question,
receiving answers yet they keep asking why,
why, why.
With these answers that they choose to keep,
to set in stone,
theyre closing doors within themselves,
following the mindset/path of everyone else.

Yet stones can only last so far
until they crack, then break, release,
we're set free,
while we're opening up to ourselves,
our inner voice.
We're only opening all the doors we've closed
while growing up.