zondag 22 juli 2012

It's a Lovely day

I just felt like sharing
That today's been a lovely day.
Decided what was and wasn't important
And let go the things standing in the way.

I've been back and forth before
On things and people I've given more than a chance.
But the truth leads me back to who and what make me happy
It's my own truth in this circumstance.

I'm tired of trying to please others
And of those who think they're superior to me.
God and my love are my foundation
The bothersome things, I'm setting free.

I'll always have kind words
For those who say "Hello".
But I know who my true friends are
And in their hearts, they also know.

My friends are my true family
They love me for who I am.
I'll spend my given days, loving my sweetie
A gift from God, my sweet, precious lamb.