woensdag 18 juli 2012

My soul have cried enough

My soul have cried enough
Always desires to love
Desperately seeking for a friend
Someone to share the intense flow of love.

Always want to talk about the mystery
Opened only when two true friends meet
But now I feel I have enough
Why do I keep looking for someone who may not exist?

My heart hurts as I watch people come and go
My life is not a crossing street
I can’t really comprehend
What do they all have in their head?

Maybe they think we have a whole life
Don’t even realize how short the journey is
One more day and everything is gone
So why leave it for tomorrow to be done.

Who will remember you tomorrow?
Work? Hobbies? Or maybe pets?
As a surprise you’ll still forever in memories
Of good, True friends and of course family.

So my soul is right to bother me
Love, love, love none stop,
That’s for what I was meant to be
And no matter how it hurts, there is no regret for love.