maandag 24 september 2012

Romantic/Spiritual love

Romantic love is possessive.
Spiritual love is undemanding.

Romantic lovers cannot bear to be separated.
Spiritual lovers remain connected.

Romantic love is passionate.
Spiritual love is compassionate.

Romantic lover craves for physical contact.
Spiritual lover is always in touch.

Romantic love is bondage.
Spiritual love is freedom.

Romantic love tends to die over time.
Spiritual love grows over time.

Romantic love is about youth and attraction.
Spiritual love is about maturity and acceptance.

Romantic lover is always demanding attention.
Spiritual lover is always giving affection.

Romantic lover is looking for a soul mate.
Spiritual lover finds the Oversoul in his mate.

Romantic love sweeps one off one's feet.
Spiritual love takes one to a higher pla.

Romantic lover is blind to her mate's faults.
Spiritual lover is aware of her mate's limitations.

Romantic lovers dream of everlasting love.
Spiritual lovers realize everlasting harmony ...